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The Fundación Empresa Universidad Gallega (Galician University-Enterprise Foundation)– hereinafter ‘FEUGA’, with Tax Registration Number G 15051667 – provides Internet users with free access to the TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM However, some of the contents and services of the PLATFORM will not be accessible without prior registration and/or paying a charge which, where applicable, corresponds to the Specific Conditions of the same.

Access to and/or use of the TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM is completely voluntary, and anyone doing so will be considered as a USER. From the moment of accessing the site, all USERS accept, without any reservations, the contents of these “General Conditions”, as well as any “Specific Conditions” that may complement, replace or modify them in relation to the services and contents of the TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM. Therefore, the USER must carefully read both before accessing and using any service of the TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM at their entire responsibility.

In any event, FEUGA reserves the right, at any moment and without the need for prior notification, to deny access to this site to any user who fails to comply with any of these general or specific conditions that are applicable to them. You are further informed that we comply with the obligation to have registered at least one of the domains we own in the corresponding registry.

Purpose and Modification of conditions

FEUGA allows USERS to access the contents and services of the PLATFORM, providing they do so in accordance with these GENERAL CONDITIONS.

In any event, FEUGA reserves the right, at any moment and without the need for prior notification, to modify or eliminate the contents, structure, design, services and conditions of access and/or use of this website whenever considered appropriate.

Responsibility of the User

The USER agrees to use the services and contents provided by the PLATFORM according to current legislation and generally accepted principles of good faith and use, and not to contravene the public order in any way through their use of the website. As a result, any illegal uses or uses that may damage and/or overload in any way the normal use and operation of the PLATFORM are prohibited, or any that may directly or indirectly pose any threat to the same or any third party.

Users of the FEUGA PLATFORM may not use the service to transmit any information that contravenes standards regarding personal values and dignity, according to national and international standards on the protection of human rights.

Users of the FEUGA PLATFORM agree to provide true and accurate information in the registration form.

It is also prohibited to reproduce, distribute, transmit, adapt or modify by any means and in any way the contents of the FEUGA PLATFORM website (texts, designs, graphics, information, database, sound and/or image files, logotypes, etc.) and other elements on this website, without the previous authorisation of their legal owners or unless it is permitted by law.

With regard to these contents, it is furthermore prohibited to make any use of the same for commercial or publicity purposes other than that which may be strictly permitted, and in general any infringement of the rights derived from the same.

The USER shall be solely responsible for the use of this site and complying with these GENERAL CONDITIONS in their entirety. As a result, the USER agrees not to disclose their access codes, passwords or similar data, considered as confidential and reserved information, assigned to them in order to access the PLATFORM and any of its services, and shall be held responsible for any damage resulting from any incorrect use of the same by themselves or by third parties, either against the user as a result of their negligence, or which FEUGA may suffer as a result of any infringement of these GENERAL CONDITIONS.

Any infringement of these GENERAL CONDITIONS may lead to the corresponding civil or criminal action being taken against the user.

User Registration

FEUGA reserves some of the Services offered through the TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM to USERS who are registered by filling in the forms that are accessible through the website. FEUGA also provides users with specific services, requiring them to fill in additional registration forms.

FEUGA automatically processes the Personal Data provided for the purposes and in accordance with the conditions defined in its Privacy Policy, included in this Legal Notice.

Legal disclaimer

FEUGA does not guarantee and may not be held liable, under any circumstances, for the following circumstances or contents, nor for any damage that may be derived from the same:

  • Lack of availability, continuity, access, maintenance and effective functioning of the website and/or its services, and the updating, precision, detail, pertinence, relevance and reliability of its contents, for whatever reasons, and any problems or difficulties of a technical or other nature that may result in these situations.
  • The transmission and/or presence of viruses or other elements or programmes that may cause damage to users’ computers, which may affect them as a result of accessing, using or navigating the website, or which cause any alterations to their electronic documents or files.
  • Illegal, negligent or fraudulent use, supplanting the identity of a third party or infringing the contents of these general conditions, in contrary to conditions of good faith, generally accepted use and public order, of the website, its services and contents, by the USERS.
  • Faults or errors in the contents and/or services accessed through the FEUGA PLATFORM.
  • For the reception, storage, acquisition, dissemination or transmission by USERS of the contents of the FEUGA PLATFORM.
  • For knowledge of any information that may be held or used by unauthorised third parties regarding the characteristics and circumstances of use of the contents and services of the FEUGA PLATFORM by the USERS.
  • For any infringement by third parties of its obligations derived from the services provided to the USERS through the FEUGA PLATFORM, as well as the lack of quality, reliability, suitability in terms of the services offered, legality, use and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to USERS on this website.

The above shall be considered as without limitation, and may not be considered as exclusive in any of its points. In all cases, FEUGA MAY NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND RESULTING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM THE SAME, OR FROM ANY OTHERS OF A SIMILAR NATURE THAT ARE NOT SPECIFICALLY REFERRED TO ABOVE.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All texts, designs, images, databases, logos, structures, trademarks and other elements contained on this website are protected by international laws and treaties regarding intellectual and industrial property rights. Any reproduction, transmission, alteration, translation, modification, publication or any other type of use of the contents of this site in whole or in part, made in any way or by any electronic, mechanical or other means, is strictly prohibited unless previously authorised in writing by FEUGA. Any infringement of these rights shall result in the corresponding civil and legal action being taken.

FEUGA does not grant any licence or authorisation for use of any kind with regard to its intellectual and industrial property rights, or with regard to any property or rights associated with the PLATFORM, the services or the contents of the same.

In order to safeguard any possible intellectual property rights, in the event of any USER or third party considering that their legitimate rights have been infringed as a result of the inclusion of any contents on the website, notification must be sent in writing to: FEUGA, Rua Lope Gómez de Marzoa s/n (Campus Vida) 15705 Santiago de Compostela.

Applicable Law and Venue

These general conditions shall be governed in accordance with Spanish law.

Any actions or disputes that may arise as a result of the provision of the FEUGA PLATFORM, its services and contents, and the interpretation, application, compliance or infringement of the conditions expressed herein, FEUGA and the USER agree to submit any such dispute to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Santiago de Compostela, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.